'Loonybin's Mini

'Loonybin' AKA Bas lives on Bonaire, which is part of the Dutch Kingdom.
As you can see in these pictures there are worse places to live or own and drive a Mini :)

Mini at the beach Mini (still) at the beach Mini (still) at the beach Mini (still) at the beach
A day at the beach

His latest travels brought him all the way down to New Zealand.
And of course he couldn't resist the Minis there either:
BonaireReporter.jpg (85763 bytes)


Mini @ CMC

His second Mini is a pickup. At the time of these pictures it was still in the capable hands of his brother Jan-Willem (shown in the picture) who was working hard on it to get it ready for the celebrations in the summer of '99.

PU & J-W Pickup again and again Engine- -bay
PU & J-W Pickup again and again engine- -bay

In 1999 Bas formed the Mini Team Bonaire and came over for the IMM'99 and 40th celebration.

Since then there has been a addition to his collection of Mini's. Below is a picture of it, together with some pictures of his visit here back in 2000 for the reunion of the Mini Team Bonaire and the entire Bonairian Mini Club.

1stB2990Sorobon.JPG (194155 bytes) h-375.jpg (26586 bytes) MiniClubBonaire.JPG (238752 bytes) pu@mchuissen.jpg (177373 bytes) PUinVlodrop.JPG (62900 bytes)
Before Blue Latest Addition Mini Club Bonaire In Huissen In Vlodrop

In 2000 he headed up north for a the MiniMeetEast in the North America's.
After which he payed a visit to our Mini-friend Carl.

Early 2001 he also payed us a visit again, here in the 'cold & wet' Netherlands.

RIMG0033-b.jpg (43653 bytes)
Arnoud, Andy, Me, Bas, Rob & Manon

Bas's brother Jan-Willem, doesn't only fool around with Mini's.
His pride and joy, and IMO rightly so is this Chevy Pickup Outside Inside
While roaming the 'pits' they work at their cars, one of the set of tools I saw was this blinking set of SnapOn SnapOn