International Mini Meeting '00

Again, the name about covers it. An IMM basically is a couple of hundred Mini's and their enthusiasts getting together over a weekend, camping out and enjoying their favorite subject; Mini's.

In 2000 the IMM will be organized by the Mini Club Flying Finns ry in Saariselka the 8th through 12th of June.
This page contains the information as I've gathered it, which might be of interest to others thinking of making the long haul (or maybe a bit less long depending where they live :) up north.

The closing date for reservations for the IMM 2000 is extended indefinitely.
Bookings in principle can only be made through your local club so contact them ASAP if you haven't heard from them yet.
Exceptions to this rule are the M.I.N.I. club (which is not 'local') and Non-European/Non-affiliated Miniacs.
If your club doesn't know of this extension contact the Tunturi hotel directly. See the official IMM 2000 site for contact info,
or go to the booking form directly; HTML or PDF.
M.I.N.I. members should have contacted Scott Beavis (see link below) who did the registration. Closing date was set to the end of 1999.
Non-European/Non-affiliated Miniacs should either also register at the Tunturi Hotelli site or contact the Flying Finns (See 'Who is organizing it ?')
Dutch Miniacs/MSCN-members should have registered on the activities page on the MSCN Website. Their closing date was January 15th 2000.

Here are some of the other pages on the IMM2000;

IMM 2000 IMM2000 Theo IMM2000
Official IMM2000 site Marcin Dobrucki
(lots of practical information on Finland)
Theo van den Bogaard Scott Beavis

If you've visited this page before check out what's new.
Didn't find the info you were looking for ?
Have a look at the Link Page with loads of travel info and see if you can find it there.


Where is Saariselka ?
Saariselka is a ski-resort in the north of Finland. It's about 20 miles south of Ivalo and 165 miles north of Rovaniemi.

When is it ?
The IMM starts on Thursday the 8th of June 2000, with everyone arriving and ends on Monday the 12th f June when everybody leaves.

Who is organizing it ?
The Mini Club Flying Finns ry with help of  Saariselka are organizing the event.
Also the Tunturi Hotelli (at which the event will be held) has special deals for people attending the IMM 2000.
(So mention it when you make a reservation there) A plan of the hotel grounds can be found here.

Who is going ?
Here is a list of the teams planning to go and the planned routes they'll take.

What to bring ?
Mainly a reminder for myself, but maybe others can benefit from this list of stuff to bring on the trip.

Check if your bankcard has the Cirrus logo mcirani2.gif (1201 bytes). Most if not all ATM's in Scandinavia will accept cards with this logo on it.
Also widely accepted are the major Credit cards, Visa and Mastercard being the most popular ones.
A currency calculator can be found on travel-finder.
Current exchanges rates are (20 Mar 2000):

EUR 8.40 5.95
UKP 13.69 9.69
USD 8.67 6.14

According to the official website temperatures are around 13C in the daytime and around 0C at night, a 9/30 chance of rain and no snow or ice of any consequence.

Can be found in most towns. Payment through Credit Card accepted in most cases.
Do not count on leaded fuel to be available. It will be mostly fazed out by June 2000.
Want to find a gas-station in a specific place in Sweden ? Try the Shell-station locator.

National holidays/Bank holidays.
There are no national holidays during the week before or after the IMM in either Sweden or Finland.


What's New

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9 May 2000 Added 'What to bring' page.
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List of stuff to bring
List of the teams
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