Dave Pearson / Gomez

Dave and I 'go back' longer than our shared interest in Mini's does.
We haven't met much, but spent a lot of time in the same newsgroups and stuff.
As of late Dave's gotten more and more hooked on Mini's. He's now member of a club and already has another Mini, a Jet Black this time, lined up.
Want to know more about Dave ? Check out his site davep 'org. Not much Mini-stuff on there yet, but as anyone hooked by the virus knows, that's only a matter of time :) And... my prediction was correct. Dave now also has a Mini-page up on his site.

The pics show Dave's, in the mean time former, City.
He donated it to a friend known as Gomez, hoping he will be able to keep it alive.
When I visited them last time both kept drooling over my Van :)

Dave's City Gomez's City
Dave's City Gomez's City

Since then Gomez has put some money and effort into it.
These days it's the daily runner of 'Mrs Gomez'.
Apart from a new paintjob all that's left is to wait for Gomez to set up a Mini page on his site too :)

pic0001.jpg (246005 bytes) pic0002.jpg (226773 bytes) pic0003.jpg (248948 bytes)
Almost Brand New


These Mini's aren't Dave's, nor Gomez's.
First is another City with Dave, 'Mrs Gomez' and 'Mrs Dave' in the back.
The other two are shots of what Dave is was aspiring to get; nice looking Jet Blacks.
As I used to own one of these myself I can but only complement him on his taste :)

City too Jet Black
City too Jet Black