Boris Shapiro

Boris is an Israeli Mini-nut and International  Mini-List-er.
Here are some pics of Boris's Mini's. And the engine of it.
A bit further down is a report of his visit to The Netherlands.

In it you can read how Boris went on a shopping-sprea for parts for his Mini.
He put these to good use, as you can see in the (start of ?) rebuild project pix.
And in February 2000 he got back on yet another shopping-spree. Not for Mini parts this time, but for a Porsche.

But first a short introduction to Boris's Mini, 'as was'.

Yellow & Blue Yellow & Blue 2 Yellow side Yellow & Blue front Yellow front Yellow enginebay The engine The engine again
Yellow & Blue Yellow & Blue 2 Yellow Side Yellow & Blue Front Yellow Front Yellow Enginebay The Engine The Engine again


The Visit

Boris came for a bit of work to The Netherlands in October 1998.

I picked him up from the trainstation in a somewhat special Mini; a Mini Land Rover. This car belonged to 'my Mini-shop' and later burned to the ground after self-igniting...

LandRover Mini LandRover Mini
Me getting out of the LandRover Mini LandRover Mini

We used this the first two days since my Van was in the shop being serviced.
During his stay we visited a couple of Mini-shops in The Netherlands, as well as one in Germany.

The second day we visited 'my Mini-shop' Mini Parts in 's Hertogenbosch for Boris to do some shopping
Boris was very pleased with the service he got from Jeroen and among other things bought a full exhaust (LCB, linkpipe and endpot) there.

At Mini Parts
Me, JP, Sebastiaan and Jeroen at the counter at Mini Parts

That evening a couple of Dutch Mini-nutters had what later was called a Mini-MLM with him as the guest of honor.

The next day we were off to B(ernd)L(aus) Mini in Aachen Germany. Unfortunately a lot of the items Boris was looking for were not in stock anymore.
Afterwards we drove to Huissen, home of Mini Centre Huissen. Again he was given great service, by Rowan, and if he didn't have a plane to catch we probably still would be there :)

Mini Centre Huissen
Boris, holding on to his 'Mini Mouse Classic Car' membership at the counter at MCH.
Behind the counter are Rowan and Fred

Me & Van at MCH
Me posing in front of my Van outside MCH.

But there was a plane to catch, which meant we had to skip a visit to Ben van Leeuwen. So we got back in my Van, drove past my place to collect and pack all the parts and were off to Schiphol. We arrived in time but as it turned out the flight was overbooked, so Boris was put on standby. As a result they didn't charge him for his 'overweight and odd sized' baggage. In the end he got a seat on the flight and wasn't even hassled by the customs in Israel.

At home he couldn't wait to fit all the parts he had brought to his beloved Mini. You have to envy him for being able to do this while lying in the sun...

Boris under his Mini
Boris, lying under his Mini.

A couple of his friends came round to help him. Bonnets and boots were opened, toolboxes deployed.

Arrival Ori, Boris and Eran Ori Eran
Arrival Ori, Boris and Eran Ori and his Mini Eran and his Mini

The End.



The Rebuild

As you can see in the pix below Boris takes working on the Mini seriously.
No half measures, no just a patch here and there. It's a full rebuild and he even looks serious :)

Dr. Boris DriveTrain Shell & Train Bare Shell On The Wagon
Dr. Boris Drive Train Shell & Train Bare Shell On The Wagon

What's going to be next ? A respray perhaps ? :)

Yes, a repray indeed. In a nice blue-ish color.
Here you can see the shell prepped to go to the sprayer, the engine ready to be installed and the two being combined again.

Shell Engine Engine in Shell Dash
Shell Engine Engine in Shell Dash