STV, 28th March 1999

It was a beautiful Sunday, that 28th of March 1999. A perfect day to go to the STV.
Although the event itself is for testing your ability to control your Mini, lots of people just attend to hangout with fellow Miniacs.

There are usually also a number of Mini-listers around and this time was no different.
On previous occasions I'd managed to miss one specific lister every time, and this time was no different. I was told he only had stopped by briefly to 'show off'. What exactly was not made clear :)

But there were some of the 'regular crowd', among them of course
Johnmar in his Tahiti Johnmar in his Tahiti and Christiaan (AKA CMC) with his Mini Christiaan (AKA CMC) with his Mini.
(In the back of Johnmar's pict you can see the Minifriends and their self-made 'Hi-Lo' kit)

Another Mini-friend, though not a lister, that usually can be found at the STV's is Erwin, who these days drives around in a (not completely original :) Innocenti Mini Innocenti Mini. I met Erwin back in 1994 at the IMM on Silverstone, back then he drove a red Mini with a yellow checkered roof.

Some listers actually do take part in the event. This time Arnoud had joined the Mini ranks again to give his Mini a spin.
Christiaan was navigator for him at one point but for some reason did not get in the car after that one drive around the circuit.

Get Ready GO! Ahead! Hard Left! Stop!
Get Ready GO! Ahead! Hard Left! Stop!

Theo is also always very willing and able to show his abilities on the track.

Get Ready GO! Hard Left!
Get Ready GO! Hard Left!

This time around he did not succeed in beating Arnoud, maybe because the latter got some help at the start help at the start.

The autotest is held on a closed section of a parkinglot. And as parkinglots go, they come in hordes. At some point two Mini's started racing eachother on another section.

What's up? I'm Ahead of you!
What's up? I'm Ahead of you!

The yellow Mini clearly won, hands down, even with the black one cheating. It carried a list-sticker, but as it turned out the driver had only borrowed the Mini from his brother.

Although we probably all 'been there and done that', this free racing is somewhat frowned upon by some. Not many people like having Mini's blasting away all afternoon and these free races on (semi)public roads don't help with the overall image.

After all the smoke settled not many Mini's were left. Which made for this surreal picture of 'EstEIGHT and Van'.
(free after 'cow and chicken' :)

EstEIGHT and Van

Prizes were given and good-byes were said... Till the next meeting, be it a STV or otherwise.