International Mini Meeting '99 / Mini 40th
'Become, Be or Acquire'

Monday before the Mini-week I finally got to meet all of Mini Team Bonaire (MTB) IL/DL and a couple of their friends at a steakhouse in Rotterdam.
Was great meeting them even though they (as usual) were nothing like I had expected them to be. Although they'd thanked me before for the (little) work I'd done for them, they also brought me a special present, which now sits on my mantelpiece (or what passes for one anyway :).

Pre- Meet

After dinner we said goodbye and as they would already be leaving Wednesday we arranged to meet again at the IMM.
On Thursday I collected another box of T-shirts, which I had promised to bring to the UK for them. I was informed that the Pickup had had a bit of trouble overheating while towing the caravan, so they'd decided to also bring a ** which was now used to trail it.

MTB..Watch the Eclipse On the Ferry

On the 12th I had my front screen replaced at my Mini-shop and some other small things looked after, had the lining of the tires checked by a guy who obviously was glad to have some work to do :)
Finished up some jobs at work and was already behind on 'schedule' an hour by then.
Drove home, arranged for my cat to be fed and started packing stuff.
Didn't finish till late and still had the T-shirt to make, so I didn't get in bed till about 1am.


Mini 40th
Friday 13th