International Mini Meeting '99 / Mini 40th
'Become, Be or Acquire'

Friday 20th
There weren't any set plans for Friday, just an option to go to an event called 'Issy's lost files' at the Longbridge plant near Birmingham, organized by Mini Magazine.
Since we didn't know what would happen during the M.I.N.I. Curry dinner and planned on going to Silverstone on Friday too, we had left that one a bit open.

I got up around 9-ish I think, did my zombie-routine again and had some breakfast....I think :)
As we would be leaving for Silverstone that day (with or without Jan-Willem's Mini), we started breaking up camp.
Carl got all of his stuff out of my tent and Van and would be riding with the others from there on.
I got a call from Boris telling me he and his friend Avi were at Heathrow and I told him I'd pick him up in about an hour.
I then called Andy at Scott's place to tell him they had arrived, since he would be bringing Avi down. He said he would find place to put as well Boris and Avi and there stuff in his Mini and bring them down, which would safe me a round trip to London. So I called Boris again and told him Andy was on his way.
Turned out later that Andy took a bit longer than planned because he had a flat that needed attention.

With the logistics again settled I then proceeded to break up camp and help the other doing so.
We paid the people at the pub for the extra days we had stayed and then left for John's workshop.
There John, JW and Carl were well on the way and we hung out in the sun again waiting for them to finish.
Andy, Boris and Avi arrived and Andy and I set off looking for a tire-shop to get his flat fixed.
Although John's directions were immaculate and Andy and I are rather good navigators, it took us some time (and asking around) to find one.
The good news was that the tire could be fixed, but it would take about an hour to do so, so we returned to John's workshop again.
There some sandwiches had arrived again (I never did find out where those kept coming from, probably from Eng75Pow HQ :) and the Mini was about ready to be started....which it didn't.

Sun Wash Hang Why doesn't it...

Fault-analysis was started but didn't resolve the problem. So John suggested that instead of all of us hanging out there all day, he and JW stay behind to work on the engine and the rest of us set off for Silverstone. That way we wouldn't arrive there late in the evening and would have ample time to set up camp etc.
And so it was decided. John and JW stayed behind, leaving one Mini in case they wouldn't get JW's Mini to start and after Andy had collected (and fitted) his tire we drove up to Silverstone.
Yvonne being the slowest in their 850 drove up front and at one point rather suddenly decided to give Carl, her passenger a go at driving it.
A decision she might have regretted later, since Carl drove it like he had done Andy's British Open on the way back from John Cooper Garages, not realizing the vintage car he was driving now still had the original (drum) brakes :) During the swap Andy and the MTB 'pursuit van' got separated from the rest of the bunch, not to be reunited till the turn-off for Silverstone. Traffic towards Silverstone was directed onto the backroads which were clear, something that couldn't be said of the main road leading there. Just before arriving there JW called me to tell me that they had gotten his Mini to run and that after washing up and grabbing something to eat he and John would be driving up too.

At arrival MTB decided to stick with the rest of the bunch and set up camp on Henwood farm too, instead of the other camping they had been planning to go to.
Arnoud had informed me that contrary to earlier information there was ample space on the Silverstone campsite on Friday and since I already had booked for Saturday and Sunday, I went across the street to get my booking sorted.
Getting a site for Friday wasn't a problem at all, but since the admin office had just closed they couldn't help me sort out the booking for Saturday and Sunday. (I was on their list for those days though, which was a good sign) Driving up I spotted Henko who told me where Arnoud's caravan was and I set up the tent next to his lot. Arnoud got back just after we had finished and he, Boris (who was sleeping with me in his/my tent) and I crossed the street to where the others had set up camp.

Left = Silverstone
Right = Henwood
Setup Camp

Some more IL-ers had arrived and we went over to say hi to them (and look at Spag replacing yet another headgasket :) before heading back for a BBQ at the MTB HQ. This sort of had become a ritual that week, so we enjoyed another evening of eating, drinking and yelling together (Rock'n'Roll comes to mind  :).
Later in the evening John and JW arrived, with the two Mini's and JW celebrated the fact by spraying his best champagne all over us and the car.
The rest of the evening was spend looking at other Mini's, talking to other Miniacs and keeping ourselves (and others :) warm. And again the later it got, the more profound the conversations became. When it was time to go to bed, I had a bit trouble 'focusing', but Carmen took care of me and made sure I made it to my tent all right. This (again :) had been one of the best days and evenings that week.


Thursday 19th IMM'99/
Mini 40th
Saturday 21st