International Mini Meeting '99 / Mini 40th
'Become, Be or Acquire'

...or that's what I thought. Till I got a call later that week from MTB who had arrived safe and sound back at their Rotterdam HQ again.
They invited me and Arnoud to go have a 'farewell dinner' with them, which both of us accepted. This also gave Arnoud a chance to collect the rest of his stuff.
Dinner and company was enjoyed at a Japanese restaurant where dinner was accompanied by a cooking show. (Watch out for flying knives :)

Mini's In the Parkinglot Ready, Steady, Cook!

Afterwards we drove back to Jan-Willem & Yvette's and then the time had come to really say goodbye to the other part of MTB, as they were flying back home the next day. We did, but since I had brought a camera this time, not before taking some more pictures of course.

Arnoud & Carmen Jan-Willem Arnoud & Yvette Arnoud & Yvette JW, Yvette, Arnoud, Bas & Carmen Same,
-Arnoud +me

During the week everyone reported back in to say they had gotten home safe and sound.
Boris has managed to get all his stuff through customs, Carl arrived home with the Mini-Mini for his son and as I write this the Bonairian Mini just made it back to the island again.

SonInMiniMini.jpg (66197 bytes)
Mini-Mini Carl @ Home

So after more than two weeks the Mini-week had finally come to an end. I'm sure all of us will remember and cherish this week for a long time.
I know I will.



Monday 23rd IMM'99/
Mini 40th