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This 'photo-coordinate' rally was held may 7th 2000.
Although I initially hadn't planned on taking part but I got myself talked into it. Partly because one of the organizers was a fellow Dutch Mini List-er, mostly though because I was 'seduced' by a beautiful female Mini-driver. What can I say; when it comes to the combination of beautiful women and Mini's I'm a big sucker :)

So early that morning (that's what it felt like anyway) Manon dropped by at my place and we set off for the event in my Van . The deal was that this time around I would do the driving and she would be navigating. On the way to the start of the event in a place called Oudenbosch we passed another Dutch Listers-team, Dorien & Christiaan and followed them, since they actually _did_ seem to know where they were going :)

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Anne-Marie talking to Dorien & Chritiaan Christiaan & Dorien getting ready
(with my Van to the right)

At arrival we talked, had some (more ?) coffee and got ready for the rally.
The rally itself is not one of my favorite kinds and opposed to others who feel the same, this also reflects in the place I finish in. So if you're serious about these kinds of events you'd better not get in the same Mini as me :) Manon and I though just had fun all day. We eventually did find a couple of pictures, didn' get lost to often ('I don't think we're in Kansas anymore Toto') and basically enjoyed the ride and the beautiful weather of the day.

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On the Road

After we arrived (in time !), had looked at other Mini's for a bit and hung out with some of the other Dutch Mini-Listers, it was time for the prize-giving. Manon and I ended in 28th place out of about 50 teams, which we both were very happy with. Other Listers had done a lot better covering most of the top 3 and top 15.

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Manon, Dorien, Christiaan, Judith & Arno at the finiish
(Don't they look
geeky ? :)
Mini's... Mini's... and more Minis's

After all was said and done a bunch of us headed out for a 'live of the land' gathering at a local Mac.

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On the road... ...and using it

At arrival the drive-through was rather occupied so it was decided we'd park on the dirt road next to it and enjoy 'dinner' outside.
Did someone mention 'dirt road' ?! Ok, so we first had a bit of fun before chowing down :)

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Stand in line ? No with a... Dirt road nextdoor!

After dinner we acted like a bunch of kids in a sand-box; handbrake turns etc all around in the bit of sand we'd parked next to. Not sure if the salesmen-types with their freshly washed lease-boxes were to happy with us kicking up lots of sand in our small 'Sahara', but we had fun anyway :)

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With trailer ? No Prolemo Paris - Dakar anyone?
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Looks like Judith & Arno are game

Engines roared, good-byes were said and each of us set off to their own neck of the country.
Again another beautiful and fun day in the company of some friendly Miniacs. Sometimes life can't get much better...